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We entrepreneurs use tools, training, and events to stay sharp. As a group, we can increase our purchasing power and reduce the cost of these essential items similar to the big box retailers.


Unlike most memberships, we thrive when we build our own internal economy. When you have an offer that can benefit the group, we provide a platform to share your offer and grow your business.


Together, we can accomplish more than we can do apart. We believe providing a hand up instead of a hand out helps to a financially inclusive world. Our mission is to empower people without obtrusion.

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The 6-Figure Success Course

(Value $497) - Yours Free

  • Discover The Truth On Becoming Trusted
  • Learn Which 6-Figure Pathway Is Your Best Move
  • Build Your Perfect Roadmap Without Overwhelm
  • Finally, Have A Lifestyle Business You Can Create
Where most people fail in creating a 6-figure online business is in the planning and systems. Figuring out your best offer doesn't mean anything if you can't get people to buy, let alone understand, what is best for them. This course is designed to help you create a business you can start building, and running, in less than a week.

The Media Accelorator Templates

(Value $197) - Yours Free

  • Never Run Out Of Leads Again
  • Get All The Exposure You Want Without Social
  • Contact Any Media Source Confidently
  • Reach Your Target Client Or Customer Faster
Everyday, new media changes the rules or marketing so you have to start over or lose all of your progress. Ad cost steadily rises and deliverability falls but the ad networks keep telling you to buy. The one and only marketing system that has never changed is the human system and that is traditional media. With these templates, you can reach any outlet you can think of and it doesn't cost you anything. Enjoy an unlimited reach through media.
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The Podcast Builders Club Ver. 1

(Value $997) - Yours Free

  • Control Your Own Media And Become An Expert
  • Build Your Own Audience So You Can Build Trust
  • Capture Leads Without Bribing
  • Network With Your Ideal Clients And Target Market
What has been a saving grace in entrepreneurship is having our own media channels. No one can compete with you when you control the narrative. In this course and group, you'll learn how to build a studio on a budget, how to book your best prospects and grow an audience of raving fans.

Spend Less To Grow

Saving on the tools and training you already buy means you can use your extra income on growing your business, not running your business.

Build From Within

Our built-in internal referral system provides you an immediate customer base that supports each other by buying goods and services inside.

Community Of Doers

The best way to be motivated and stay motivated is to be in an active and thriving community where everyone works towards wins.

Access 24/7 Deals

We work to provide you business-building deals that you can take advantage of any time, any day of the week just by logging in.

About Tim...

Timothy D. Craggette is a serial entrepreneur with over 10+ years as an educator and coach for small business entrepreneurship and marketing. He has trained budding business owners within the Washington, DC Metro Area as well as globally through his online coaching and “The Swift Kick Show”, on WERA 96.7 FM..DC’s #1 Online Small Business radio show. Timothy is also a 6x award-winning and best-selling product creator and executive producer/engineer with over nine figures in sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership work?

When you join, you will have access to every deal we have and the deals and discounts you request. We will work hard to get every deal requested. Part of your membership will be donated to our chosen reward reciepient, Kiva.org.

How long does the membership last?

Typically, you can expect the membership to last you for 365 days. Each membership is 1 year, annually.

When can I start using the membership?

Once your purchase is complete, one of our team members will approve you into the membership. We want to make sure only real members are allowed and non-members are locked out.

How do I access the membership?

Once you are approved, you will receive your membership credentials emailed to you with the email address provided during signup.

How do I cancel if I want to cancel?

This is a full year program designed to help you build your business. If you need to leave the program, cancellation is on a case-by-case basis.

If I cancel and want to rejoin, can I?

Yes. Either let us know before your renewal date or simply create a new account.

How can I help grow Upliftpreneur?

You have two options: 1) You can simply let others know about the membership program or 2) you can join our partner program and earn 25% of the membership purchase per referral.

How can I add my offers to the membership?

To add your offer to our membership, please apply as a membership partner within the member's area.



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